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The History of Long Island MacArthur Airport’s Florida Service


While Islip’s Long Island MacArthur Airport battled for character and reason during the initial thirty years of its booked help presence, with turboprop worker trips to upper east objections and unadulterated fly, trunk-transporter BAC-111-200s, DC-9-30s, and 727-100s to Albany, Washington-National, and Chicago-O’Hare with any semblance of Allegheny/USAir and American, what was required was a market that would deliver predictable interest, making the provincial runway famous. That market, not filled until the mid 1980s, was Florida and it has remained its soul from that point forward.

First to give the indispensable Long Island-Florida connect was Northeastern International Airways.


Long mindful of the need to associate Long Island’s just business air terminal with both daylight state resigned guardians and its sea shores with winter travelers, Stephen L. Quinto, brought into the world in the Bronx in 1935, yet raised on Long Island itself, joined liberation with base storm cellar airplane rents and made the striking stride of infusing Islip with its most memorable constant Florida air administration, explicitly to Ft. Lauderdale, empowering inhabitants to stay away from the drive to and clog of the major New York air terminals, especially JFK and La Guardia.

The debut hardware, taking from as a solitary 185-traveler, all-mentor designed DC-8-50 recently worked by Evergreen International Airways, withdrew on February 11, 1982, destined for Ft. Lauderdale. What might have turned into an extravagance many years after the fact, the low, unlimited charges surveyed to fly in it included stuff registration and in-flight drinks and bites. While it worked four times each week and once to Orlando, a second airplane of a similar sort worked with expanded frequencies and objections.

Traveler numbers, which impacted air terminal incomes through concession charges, floated at the 150,000-mark since Northeastern’s right around 11-month debut and highlighted guarantee for both the transporter and the air terminal.

Airplane numbers likewise converted into extra objections. For this situation, two 128-passneger, previous Pan Am 727-100s ultimately worked with seven day to day flights to Ft. Lauderdale, Hartford, Miami, Orlando, and St. Petersburg, and the tri-jets were before long joined by a threesome of long-range DC-8-62s.

Authorities from the Town of Islip, which claimed and worked Long Island MacArthur, were, to say the least, satisfied, since 6,597 air transporter developments and 546,996 travelers were kept in 1983 due in critical part to Northeastern and Quinto’s vision.

The next year, its February 9, 1984 framework plan demonstrated the veracity of its prosperity, with three takeoffs to Ft. Lauderdale at 0840, 1600, and 1945; one to Orlando at 0950; two to St.Click here Petersburg

at 1000 and 1945; and one to West Palm Beach at 1515.

However, achievement could some of the time be likened with shrewd, and Quinto’s Northeastern turned out to be too energetic in parting from its customary restricted body Florida specialty by renting four 314-traveler widebody Airbus A300B2s and steering them, frequently in contest with occupant transporters, cross-country from Miami to Los Angeles with transitional stops in New Orleans, among different courses. Bigger limit 727-200s had additionally been obtained.

Without a doubt, by the mid year of 1984, it worked 16 DC-8s, 727s, and A300s to 17 US urban communities on 66 everyday areas, recording the most noteworthy burden factors, of 71.5 percent, of any US carrier, empowering it to develop into the eighteenth

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